If my dataset tells you I have contracts with ‘IBM Ltd’, ‘International Business Machines’ and ‘I.B.M’ – how many different firms am I working with?

Organisation names are ambiguous. But many uses of data relies on clearly identifying legal entities. The best datasets include open organisation identifiers whenever they refer to any organisation.

Org-id.guide is a collaborative project to create a list of organisation identifier lists helping data publishers and users discoverer sources of open identification. It includes:

  • All forms of legal entity: companies, charities, government agencies etc;
  • A unique code assigned to each list: enabling unambiguous use of identifiers;
  • Well-researched meta-data on each list: supporting publishers to select the best list, and enabling users to cross-walk between lists;

We’re not collecting information on individual organisations: that can be found on the organisation identifier lists we link to. Our focus is on building the ‘list of lists’.

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Sponsors and supporters

This project is hosted by Open Data Services Co-operative.  Initial development is sponsored by the following organisations and initiatives:

  • The International Aid Transparency Initiative (Secretariat)
  • Joined Up Data Standards
  • Initiative for Open Ag Funding
  • The Natural Resource Governance Institute
  • Open Contracting Partnership
  • 360Giving

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Project status

We’re just getting started.

  • September 2016 – Initial list development – Forking the IATI Organisation Registration Agency Codelist and enhancing it with improved meta-data.
  • October 2016 – Project launch at International Open Data Conference – with opportunity for new partners to join.
  • November 2016 – Adding 100s of new organisation identifier sources
  • November 2016 – Developing improved methods for identifying government entities
  • December 2017 – Paper on governance
  • January 2017 – Updated codelist and lookup tools live
  • March 2017 – New governance model established
  • June 2017 – Public launch